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Screen name location and issue

  • I just updated my screen name in the "Username and Password" section and the first thing I noticed was I had to re-enter my password to submit. It says I should leave the new password blank if I don't want to change it.

    The second thing is, would the "Edit Profile" section under Personal Settings be a better place for the screen name?


  • Hmm, I agree on the screen name part, its a bit weird to have to confirm your password to change your screen name...

    Don't you only have to enter the current password and leave the first two password boxes empty? In order to confirm who you are?

  • Ah, I just tested that out and you're right, I only entered my current one in and it worked. I should probably read the text on the page first :). I thought it meant I had to re-enter my password. I wonder if the text under the current password can be moved up and highlighted or something.

  • I agree, I think the page could maybe be better organised... the username section could do with moving, to more general settings...

  • Thanks for the feedback Chris and Jorj, there will definitely be some changes to the edit profile pages. Stay tuned :)

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