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IPC between Python backend to a QML GUI

  • Hi,
    I am using Qt Creator to create a gui that shows ambient air temperature and speed of a car to a touchscreen working on Raspberry Pi 4. The python backend connects to the vehicle and gets the data successfuly, and keeps them in string variables. How can I use Qt's interprocess communication methods to change the text on the gui when a the data in python is updated? Can you provide a simple code or a tutorial on how to do this?
    Thank You

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Since you already are working with Python, why note use PySide2 or 6 to do the GUI part ?

  • Hi, I use swipeview and drawer from QTQuickControls 2 which was not available on those. Is there a work around to use these directly on python?

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    What exact issue did you got ?

  • On the Application window, the value that was passed from the python is not shown. Instead I see only "..." maybe something else is writing after that but cannot read it exactly. The qml part cannot load the python variable is what I am guessing but I could not manage to get it working

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    Something is not clear: are you writing your application in Python ?

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