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QLineEdit is overwriting the first input character (bug?)

  • Hello,

    I have been working with QT for and Android development.

    I have a problem with QLineEdit widgets. If the textbox is empty, because of the first time or I removed the previous text, when I write then the first character becomes highlighted so if I write another character I overwrite the first character.

    I have disabled several android features like "text-autocomplete", besides in QLineEdit property imhNonPredictiveText = true

    • Android version 9
    • QT 5.12.0 building for android_armv7

    How to reproduce:
    In a QLineEdit, remove all the characters using backspace, once it is empty, press backspace one or more times. Then write a character, it might be highlighted (selected).

    This is the way we are mitigating this problem, but we would like to if this is a known problem or a configuration problem, and how to solve it without using something like this:

    // QLineEdit bug fix
    connect(ui->qlineeditWidget, SIGNAL(cursorPositionChanged(int,int)), this, SLOT(resetQLineEditSelectionIssue(int,int)));
    void FrmWifiSettings::resetQLineEditSelectionIssue(int oldPos, int newPos)
    	QObject * senderObj = sender();
    	if (senderObj != nullptr)
    		QLineEdit *widget = (QLineEdit*) senderObj;
    		if ( (widget != nullptr) && (oldPos == 0) && (newPos == 1) && (widget->hasSelectedText()) )
    			qDebug() << "resetQLineEditSelectionIssue() : issue found ";


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    @Hector_WPG You should check Qt bug tracker. If it is not known issue there you can file a bug.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @jsulm That is correct, but I'd first try with the latest Qt 5 version 5.15.2