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Is a QT application able to use the Android Telecom Framework?

  • Hello,

    I am looking for an experienced QT developer (Android) who can tell me if QT is able to use Android's telecom framework and also shed some light on how a QT application would use that framework.

    From what I understand, the QT framework/SDK is an abstraction layer that exposes platform-agnostic functionalities across multiple platforms. So, for example, a QT application can call the same method "A" across different platforms, but the underlying implementation of "A" is platform specific and implemented within the QT framework itself. So the QT application doesn't have to bother with implementing a feature in different ways depending on target platform because QT already takes care of that....but how does that work in the case of target specific features like the Android Telecom framework? Does the QT application access that directly somehow and not through the QT framework? Other platforms like iOS, MacOS, Linux etc. do not have any notion of a Telecom how does that work? Break it down for me like I'm 5 :-)


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    For highly specific platform API, you will have to write some platform specific code. Qt can't cover absolutely everything and it's not its goal.

    Android is a bit of a special case because of its use of Java. You should take a look at the QtAndroidExtras module and its examples. Note that this is really specific to Android and how it works.

    There are other extras modules for some often used platform specific stuff that you can take a look at in terms of how things can be done. Note that these modules have been deprecated for Qt 6 in favor of a different approach and integration in a more centralized way.