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Qt on Harmony OS

  • With the incoming release of Harmony Os version 2, I am wondering about the chances for Qt to support this plateform. What do you think ?

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    @Charby Would be better to ask on Qt developers mailing list.

  • Is there any news for this topic? I've just checked documentation and there mentioned about compatibility with Android. Theoretically it should be working if there correct Android build.

    Have you got real world practice with deploying Qt application on Harmony OS device?

  • @bogong Android app compatibility is not going to stay forever on HarmonyOS, since US ban on Huawei, barred from GMS which is locked down by Google and have to pay license to for each phone to be complaint with GMS, reduced it's EMUI skin to a crippled Android, no access to new versions of Android and no GMS, no Google Play. When Huawei is removing old legacy Android compatibility codes of EMUI AOSP codes from it's new OS, at the same time is gathering it's HMS/AppGallery developers to move away from Android to it's new locked down, more secure, less piracy HAP (HarmonyOS Ability Package) app platform on both proprietary HarmonyOS and it's open source core hardware and software component with OpenHarmony variant which has no Android code, can't run Android apps, only HAP apps. A real world practice deploying HarmonyOS Qt application can be IoT apps, all sorts of apps built across internet of things that run everywhere in that ecosystem. Write once, run and deploy everywhere scenario. A platform that already has over 470 million devices running and already captured nearly 5% of the market share in China after being launched in a year for mobile, outgrowing both iOS and Android. Microsoft couldn't achieve with late specific mobile platform, Windows Phone domestically in the US and globally in a short space of time.

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