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Mac OS Catalina, Xcode 12 and iOS 14 support.

  • Hello all!
    The official Qt reference saying - XCode 11 iOS 13 SDK. I there any way to deploy on iOS 14 device? I am using Qt 5.15. If not - when in Qt going to be iOS 14 support? Or all of it will be in Qt 6.0?


    I've just tried to update XCode 11.5 on Mojave and got this message
    Screenshot 2020-11-07 at 12.32.21.png
    It's mean you can't be using Mojave anymore. You might be using previously installed, but not if you installing or reseting your apple device. Apple insisting on updates, even you trying to ignore updates:

    $ sudo softwareupdate --reset-ignored
    Ignored updates:
    Ignoring software updates is deprecated.
    The ability to ignore individual updates will be removed in a future release of macOS.

    If you will update and install XCode from AppStore there will be installed XCode 12 that is not supported by QT yet. You will get an error of something like "I don't see iOS SDK". Install XCode manualy by downloading it through Apple Developer login. In few going to post system configuration that is OK for Qt developing for mobile.

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    The same way. You have the list of the oldest target platforms and the one used to build Qt. Nothing stops you from running your application on iOS 14.

  • For Catalina + Xcode 12 + iOS14 SDK no options for now to build Qt Application it's not supported by Qt 5.15.1. Awaiting announced Qt 6.0 that is going to be supported XCode 12 + iOS14 SDK. For Qt will be working only XCode 11 downloaded manually (do not install from AppStore).

    For Mojave works only XCode 11.3.1 + iOS13 SDK, any newer versions will NOT be working. Even other XCode 11 minor versions.

    Officially any XCode older then XCode 12 has NO support of iOS14 and there are no any iOS14 simulators for older versions. But Xcode 12 do NOT supported by QT yet.

    If anyone knows how to build for iOS14 - reply here. I haven't found solution yet. For now awaiting Qt 6.0.
    Issue closed for now.

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