Can QTreeWidget have checkboxes at top level if there are no sub-nodes for that parent element?

  • I create an item at the top level with the following code.

    l1 = QTreeWidgetItem(["String A", "String B", "String C","String D"])
    l1.setFlags(l1.flags() | Qt.ItemIsTristate | Qt.ItemIsUserCheckable)
    l1.setTextAlignment(2, QtCore.Qt.AlignRight)

    Everything works fine and the checkbox shows up but only if there are sub-nodes, i.e. child elements. For some top level nodes there are no child elements but I need a checkbox with them. Is that possible? Thanks.

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    @ACollins Is it same if you remove Qt.ItemIsTristate ?

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    @ACollins not sure what you are doing with the rest of your code and/or where you are wanting that check box but this snippet of code works to put a checkbox in the 4th column in the top level of a childless item and was pulled and tweaked from a MUC example I posted here to another question

            treItem_1 = QTreeWidgetItem(["String A", "String B", "String C"])
            treItem_1.setFlags(treItem_1.flags() | Qt.ItemIsTristate | Qt.ItemIsUserCheckable)
            treItem_1.setCheckState(3, Qt.Unchecked)

  • @Denni-0 The key was the third line: treItem_1.setCheckState(3, Qt.Unchecked)

    I put that in and it started working. I thought it would default to the unchecked state but guess not. Thanks for the tip.

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