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Qt System trayicon deployment issues on Linux Distros - Fedora 25,28,30 & CentOs 8.1.1

  • Hi, I am working on developing a qt application which displays a system tray icon on Linux. My target is to deploy the application on various linux distributions: Ubuntu, RHEL, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSuse etc.

    I have created the application in qt4.8.7 on Ubuntu 10 & 12 (For older OS support). The deployment of qt is a difficult task. After solving all dependencies issue, I was able to get trayicon by deploying my qt application compiled on Ubuntu 12 to deploy on Ubuntu 18 with no pre-installed qt. For tray icon, qt4 looks for Plugin "systemtrayicon/".

    This did not work on Fedora and other RHEL based linux systems.

    I tried switching to Qt5 and compile it on Ubuntu14 so that I could use an open source deployment tool "linuxdeployqt" , as it would help in resolving dependencies issues.
    There is a bug on Ubuntu 14 which displays tray icon on left.
    After some research I found out fedora does not support tray icon, it needs some extensions like libappindicator and topicons.

    Please help out if there is a list of Linux Os distros which supports QSystemTrayIcon with or without plugins and extension.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    AFAIK, there's no such list. Distributions may provide tray icon through different means and some patches Qt to support their custom system.

    Did you try on these distribution with their own versions of Qt to see how it's working ?