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WinCE build with Qt4.8 and VS2008

  • Good Morning,

    i try to build a project to get WinCE compatibilty. The embedded domain is generelly new for me, so what i habe done:
    So is started with :

    i set up my environment whit following command lines:

    Setup VS2008 for WinCE:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat

    setup Qt4.8.7 for win CE

    cd \Qt\%VERSION%
    configure -platform win32-msvc2008 -xplatform wince50standard-armv4i-msvc2008

    set env. path

    setcepaths wince50standard-armv4i-msvc2008

    ok, so every action are done successfully

    i load my project (wirtten bevor with qt4.87. win32) in Vs2008

    change build configuration to "STANDARDSDK_500" (arm)
    in Menu Qt-> qt option -> qt version -> qt for wince is set -> to Qt 4.8.7

    so now, when i build the project , ic get the folling messagebox (error):

    "The following error occcoured:
    There is no Qt version assinged to this project for platform "STANDARTSDK_500"
    please use the "change qt versions" feature an choose a valid qt version for this platform"

    So , what am i doing wrong?

    TThanks for advice

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Might be a silly question but did you actually built Qt ?
    Check the Kit for errors/warnings.

    One thing: are you aware that you are using products that have reached end of life a long time ago ?

  • yes i am aware of this. Its just a PoC.

    How can i check the Kit for error and warnings. if i setup Qt , for win ce.. i get an "qt is now setup for wince...." success .
    so it must be possible or not?

    and the same project i could build on Win32 with QT 4.8.7...

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Go to the kit page and check if there's a warning or error signal before your kit.

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