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Android application debug not working in my xiaomi device

  • I can deploy the application successful but when ever I try to debug I get the following error:
    The command "/home/bongani/Android/Sdk/platform-tools/adb" terminated with exit code 1.
    adb: error: listener 'tcp:5038' not found
    I/System.out(30436): Sending WAIT chunk

  • I have absolutely the same thing. Device is Samsung G800F. QtCreator 4.11.1, Qt 5.14.1, Windows 7

    I tried to connect to adb via USB and via Wifi, the result is the same. The application is deployed, launched on the device, and the debugger breaks:

    adb.exe: error: listener 'tcp:5038' not found

    Does anyone have Android debugging from QtCreator?

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    this, for both cases is an issue of the OEM.

    QtCreator supports debugging where AndroidStudio supports it.

    Samsung and Xiamoi do their own thing.

    You can use a virtual Android device, those work all fine. Or - and I can't believe I'm saying this - you can get a pixel phone, those should - "should", its google - always be supported.

  • In Android Studio on the same device, the same computer and with the same SDK, debugging works fine! The problem is in the QtCreator and Qt projects

  • I found this and this. It is bug QtCreator.
    How can I downgrade QtCreator? In QtCreator 4.8 Android debugging worked, I remember.

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