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play mp4 video in PyQT5

  • How to play mp4 video in PyQT5, also how to create video widget in QT designer itself ?
    I got so many codes, with that I could not play the video, struggling with many issues. Anyone please post the working code.

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    First unless you like pain and frustration -- do not use Qt Designer unless you need it for the specific purpose it was created and not that is not for creating quick to use GUIs as there is simply nothing really quick about Qt Designer compared to straight Qt.

    If you need help in learning to use PyQt5 properly then just ask questions here and I will do my best to help you with that otherwise you can shoot me a PM and we can set up some other free method of getting you up to speed.

    Next to show a video you are going to want to use QLabel as your container but you are most likely going to need something to handle the video feed. I have a classroom where a few students have done this already and can lend a hand with getting you started but I myself have not directly done this. If you want to get in touch with the students then shoot me a PM and I will set it up.

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    @Denni-0 out of curiosity, why QLabel ?

    QVideoWidget with QMediaPlayer would make more sense.

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    Okay maybe they would -- I am only relating what the others did with this -- as I stated this was not something I did personally I just helped them with any issues they had in their implementation

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