• For some time, I can't compile my android app for LG G6. I always get the error in the compile output:

    Failure [INSTALL_PARSE_FAILED_NO_CERTIFICATES: Failed to collect certificates from /data/app/vmdl1229996150.tmp/base.apk using APK Signature Scheme v3: APK verity digest of contents did not verify]

    On all other smartphones it works, also until the last LG G6 software update. I already updated all drivers and recreated my signature file, but unfortunately no success.

    I'm using Qt Creator 4.8.1 and Qt 5.12.1.

    Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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    hi @PowerNow

    first off, I would suggest updating QtCreator, the newest version is 4.10.2 (IIRC) and there have been a lot of changes/improvements relating to QtC in the last couple of updates.

    Worth a check I think :)

  • I guess you don't compile for that model; that would be a problem in deploying. Knowing your deployment settings would help.

    I would check all the device's developer settings as perhaps the update has changed something. Also, not many people know any particular model intimately so it would make sense to report its Android version etc.

  • Hi @mvuori, since the software update from android 8.x to 9, Kernel 3.18.120 it doesn't work. The normal datatransfer to my PC Win10 works normally.

    My developer settings are:

    • stay active
    • USB-debugging

    Crazy is that the way over the google playstore works. So I don't think it depends from the signature scheme v3.

  • @J-Hilk, thxs I will try this, if I will not find the reason...

  • @J-Hilk I just tried it with Qt 5.14.1 with the newest Qt Creator but still no difference. Do you maybe have a further idea?

  • I just replaced the usb-c 2.0 cable with the original one from LG G6 and it worked.

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