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QDialog content not being translated

  • I am trying to translate my application from English to German and vice versa. My application contains a mainwindow(with a menubar) and several mdi subwindows their own menu bars and there are several qdialogues, some of them are triggered via menu items within the main window and some of them are triggered via menu items within the mdi sub windows. The actual problem is that when I am triggering the translation the content of the mainwindow gets translated but no changes are reflected in any dialog that is triggered via menu item within the main window, same goes with those qdialogues that are triggered from the mdi subwindow menu items.

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    hi @Jayant and welcome
    if you're using the default Qt Dialogs, and you want those translated as well, than I suggest loading, besides your own translation file, also the translation file from Qt Lib/Module.

    You'll find those under
    /Path/to/Qt/Version/(platform or compiler, for example)clang_64/translations

  • Hi @J-Hilk I am not using default Qt Dialogs. I am using custom dialogs with extend the QDialog class and having a ui file.

  • @Jayant you may want to override the languageChange() method in your custom dialog class. Something like this (pseudo-code):

     * Handles the event about language changed.
     * Retranslate all applicable strings.
        this->setWindowTitle(tr(Confirm Action");
        // Change label of default Ok button to "Remove"

  • Hi @Pablo-J-Rogina thanks for your reply, tried this but nothing happens.

  • @Jayant
    Sorry to butt in, but: are you using tr("...") like @Pablo-J-Rogina shows? In which case, I would have thought dialogs/menus/whatever is irrelevant, tr() is tr() and either works or does not regardless of where it happens to be called from?

  • @JonB
    Yes ofcourse here's my code

    void Dialog::changeEvent(QEvent *e){
        if (e->type() == QEvent::LanguageChange) {
            setWindowTitle(tr("Test Modal Dialog"));
            ui->label->setText(tr("this is a label"));
        } else {

  • @Jayant
    Well, start by verifying (that this code is hit and) what the tr("...")s here are actually returning, rather than setting text from them.

    Also, I don't know, but after your code in the LanguageChange case, do you need to still call the base QWidget::changeEvent(e); to let it process? (EDIT OK, I see the examples in the docs.) And why are you calling QWidget::changeEvent() instead of QDialog::changeEvent()?

  • @JonB
    Change QWidget::changeEvent(e) to QDialog::changeEvent(e) but nothing happens

  • @Jayant
    What are the tr("...")s returning?
    And please just confirm your method is being hit, for all we know it might not be?

  • @JonB
    You are right this function is not being hit.

  • @Jayant
    Which is why I asked you that twice! Suggest always verify a function is being hit if you put code into it! :)

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    @Jayant that's obvious, as the Dialogs are created on the fly during run.

    But if the translations exist, and the translation is loaded correctly, then the new created widget/dialog will also show the appropriate translated text.

    You should show some more of your code, and double check that the translation really exists and is the correct one (assigned to the correct source code)

  • @J-Hilk
    Translation is loaded correctly because the mainwindow shows up the translated text but the dialog class doesn't. Following code translates the text

    QCheckBox *checkBox = qobject_cast<QCheckBox *>(sender());
        MainWindow *window = mainWindowForCheckBoxMap[checkBox];
        if (!window) {
            QTranslator translator;
            window = new MainWindow;
            mainWindowForCheckBoxMap.insert(checkBox, window);

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    not quite what I had in mind,
    Your dialogs, and how they get their text

    Translation is loaded correctly because the mainwindow shows up the translated text but the dialog class doesn't. Following code translates the text

    I was rather asking if you checked that the translatable strings for your dialog where in your *qm file and correctly assigned.

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