ios13 Qt12.5 XCode10.1 (10B61) couldn't debug on iOS device

  • I have download the newest DeviceSupport 13.1(17A844) . When I debug on my iPhone, it said
    TransferAppSession(0a012354a7f75085de16130ed3488ad776649fdc, /Users/bayesky-mac/QtFile/build-Dianbiao-Qt_5_12_5_for_iOS-Debug/Debug-iphoneos/ service "" on device 0a012354a7f75085de16130ed3488ad776649fdc failed, AMDeviceStartService returned Device doesn’t support wireless sync. (0xe800007f)
    TransferAppSession(0a012354a7f75085de16130ed3488ad776649fdc, /Users/bayesky-mac/QtFile/build-Dianbiao-Qt_5_12_5_for_iOS-Debug/Debug-iphoneos/ file descriptor

    What should I do? :(

  • Hi Bayesky,

    I am also having this issue. Did you (or anybody else) happen to find a solution for this? I've tried running this on a Mac with Catalina, as well as a Mac with Mojave. The iPhone is on 13.1. If I run the application directly from Xcode it runs completely fine.

    However if I run the project from QtCreator I'm presented with the same error as you have above, except I'm using Qt 5.13.1:

    TransferAppSession(7f27f50187cd9f23f8cb28e8995d68bf46dd80da, /Users/connorpro/Work/Builds/YQueue/Qt_5_13_1_for_iOS/Debug/Debug-iphoneos/ service "" on device 7f27f50187cd9f23f8cb28e8995d68bf46dd80da failed, AMDeviceStartService returned Device doesn’t support wireless sync. (0xe800007f)
    TransferAppSession(7f27f50187cd9f23f8cb28e8995d68bf46dd80da, /Users/connorpro/Work/Builds/YQueue/Qt_5_13_1_for_iOS/Debug/Debug-iphoneos/ file descriptor

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I had the issue tu, IIRC.
    But can't say what exactly solved the issue.

    • Updating to latests iOS (13.1.3 at the point of writing)
    • deleting build directory by hand (Xcode updated so a manual removal of all artifacts is required)

  • @J-Hilk
    I'm currently running iOS 13.1.3, Qt 5.13.1 and QtCreator version 4.10.1. Manually obliterating the build directory still did not solve the issue for me, unfortunately.

    While I can work around it (launching the app via Xcode), it's a right hassle needing to run qmake when i make changes, then open the .xcodeproject in Xcode and finally running it from there.

    Hopefully somebody works out the cause of the issue soon :(

  • @eLim2g I haven't found the solution by now. What's more, I find that the button would out of control when I manipulate sqlite to insert native charactors. :(

  • I'm not sure if i remember exactly, but afaik the new IOS Version requires new runtime files on the device.
    This happened in previous Versions of IOS / XCode automatically with first start of the application after Update IOS with downloading these files from app store when started the app under XCode.

    (sorry for my English)

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