Wi-Fi Manager on RaspberryPi Qt

  • Hello there,
    I want to make simple Qt project which will enable me to mange the Wi-Fi of my RPI like any simple Wi-Fi setting it should list the available networks , ask for passphrase for selected network and disconnect whenever user wants to. So far I have come across some posts about this and a library called QWiFiManger, but when i tried to Include this library in my Code t would give error that no such file, Infact i dont think it is in use as of Qt creator 5.12.
    I am using Qt on Ubuntu and cross-compiling it on my RaspberryPi.
    is there a simpler way to achieve this simple program called Wi-Fi manger.

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    Where did you find that class exactly ?
    Depending on that, it's not part of the standard release, it can be in a commercial module.

  • @sgaist
    from official documentation link QWifiManager Class and yes also learned that its a part of commercial release.
    Also I read some forum questions on the topic. Now I'm looking for alternatives.

  • @andrex_qt what about this component?

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