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iOS: can I define PRODUCT_NAME (as used in Info.plist) in qmake .pro file

  • When deploying to an IOS device, the Info.plist contains an entry like


    Can I define PRODUCT_NAME somehow in the qmake .pro file (eg using PRODUCT_NAME=MyApp) or do I have to modify the Info.plist file directly?

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    Is it a custom Info.plist file you are using ?

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    We did this in this way:

    1. Create file '' with this content:
    1. Create *.pro file with this content:
    MY_COOL_PRODUCT_NAME = MyCoolProduct
    } else:ios {
        # This is a workaround for the bug QTBUG-70072 for Qt 5.11.1.
        info_plist.input = ios/
        info_plist.output = $$OUT_PWD/Info.plist
        QMAKE_SUBSTITUTES += info_plist
        QMAKE_INFO_PLIST = $$OUT_PWD/Info.plist
    } else {

    But it was for Qt 5.11.1, as I remember... I don't know how it will be for a newest Qt... Maybe it was fixed in a simple way.

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    usually the replace string to the key <key>CFBundleDisplayName</key> is


    And that one is constructed via


    TARGET = myApp

    results in the bundle display name: xx.myCompany.myApp

  • @SGaist I indeed have a custom Info.plist

    @kuzulis This approach works indeed. Only drawback is that I have to escape all '"' in the Info.plist since otherwise, QMAKE_SUBSTITUTES removes them

    @J-Hilk Using TARGET indeed works and seems, to me, right now, the easiest solution.

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