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Android -> JDK / SDK / NDK are set but no working toolchain / compiler found

  • Hello folks,

    while I was chasing down an issue around "type_traits" not found I read to align a NDK path.
    After that my toolchain was broken and I can´t fix it.
    Under Options->Devices->Android the JDK, SDK and NDK are still set.
    0_1566031724091_QT_Android Packeges .jpg

    But in Options->Build and Run->Kits no operational toolchain is found anymore.
    Also I can´t route to a compiler.

    How can I solve this?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    You may want to first update your Qt version. 5.8 is really out of date. The current LTS is 5.12.4 and latest 5.13.

    Note that by upgrading you can also update your NDK to a more recent version as explained in the dedicated chapter in Qt's documentation.

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