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Error building the application iOS using QtCreator

  • Good day.
    I'm trying to use Qt to develop an application for iOS. I install macOS on VMware Workstation 15.
    I using macOS Mojave 10.14.5 and xCode 10.2.1 (installing from the AppStore).
    Qt Creator - version 4.7.2 & qt - version 5.11.2 (also i tryed use Qt Creator - version 4.9.1 & qt - version 5.12.3). I create simple application "Qt Widget", and trying build his. I get the only error:

    error: [xcodebuild-debug-simulator] Error 64

    I inspect my kits and virtual devices, but they configured correctly:
    enter image description here
    enter image description here

    Also, I can start any virtual device and it loading successful:
    enter image description here

    Also, I created simple app from Xcode, and app is running successful.

    Why appears this error? Thank.

    P.S. sorry, possibly my English language not quite correctly. Also, I writed this question on stackoverflow, but I not getted help :(

  • @range36rus Might not be the answer you are looking for, but check if qt creates a build folder. As long as it makes that you can manually open the xcode project file from there and finish the build with xcode. I don't have a mac at hand now to check how the setup is, and personally I never bothered making it "one click" run from qt creator.
    It's just a bother, especially with qt giving it a random CFBundleName which then fails with the provisioning profile.
    A good start might be checking the project settings, and see if all the xcode stuff is set correctly.

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    @range36rus the auto detected kit seems only for real devices and not for the iPhone simulator

    That may be the problem here.
    Can you show more from the Kits tab ? click on Qt for Ios entry so the detailed information are expanded

  • @Wiru I run app from xcode, and app started successful. There were complaints about Bundle version
    and Bundle version string, short, oh corrected them in the file Info.plist.

  • The simulator kit isn't really needed to run the app in a simulator. I always use the normal device kit and finish the build with xcode. Maybe I should look up once how to make it build "one click" from qt creator.

  • @Wiru Good! Than you for the advice :)

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