Window arrangement RPI with fullscreen camera view

  • Hello!
    i am just starting out with Qt and well, its been hard to really know if i can do what i want to, mostly because i usually learn by reading examples and i honestly haven't found anything i could use as a base for my app.

    So i guess i have two questions:
    1.- Is it true that all cameras are equal to Qt?
    2.- Is it possible to run a camera view, in full screen, no borders with a button on a corner to be the settings?
    and how would this be done? I just need that example/piece of code to do everything else.

    Now here is my reason why, i am cross compiling an app on a RPI, i will be using a raspi cam (Not really but a sensor connected to a 22 pin adapter), a custom case and lenses to make a specialized industrial camera which will do things like pattern recognition and so on. I can code the function, i already have that one done on Python, which is probably how ill be leaving them, but i am honestly such a noob with Qt that it hurts, so any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    1. As long as they are all equal for the platform backend in case of Linux GStreamer
    2. So a QVideoWidget with a floating QPushButton ?

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