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Text selection on iOS

  • I have several QLineEdits and QLabels in a QWidgets Application built with Qt C++. Text selection when running on a desktop acts as 'expected' - meaning you can click and drag to select text and right click to copy it.

    However on iOS, I would like to have a more iOS native like method of selecting text / copying it. Currently text can be selected with a single tap and drag of the finger (similar to with a desktop pointer). I cannot copy text.

    Instead of a single tap and drag I would like a user to tap & hold to select text and be presented with the iOS "Copy / Look Up / Share..." popup menu like the one below (screen shot from Safari).iOS Popup for Copy / Loop Up / Share...
    alt text

    Additionally it would be nice if a single tap and drag would scroll inside the QLineEdit (instead of selecting text).

    Can I achieve this type of UI Interaction?

    My QLabels and QLineEdits have only the 'TextSelectableByMouse' flag on. QLineEdits are also read only.

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    I currently can't answer that question but allow me some suggestion: modifying how text is manipulated like that will get you in trouble.

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