"License check failed! Giving up..." in Qt Design Studio COMMUNITY EDITION

  • Hi,

    I expect a "Community Edition" to not do anything with Licensing, yet, I'm seeing "License check failed! Giving up..." when trying Show Live Preview of a ".ui.qml" file. The project is a project form Qt Creator, and thus, I opened the ".pro" file.

    I'm using Design Studio 1.2.0 on the mac. Anyone is having this issue or is this an un-supported use-case? Thanks for the help.

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    Do you have any license installed ?

  • @SGaist said in "License check failed! Giving up..." in Qt Design Studio COMMUNITY EDITION:

    Do you have any license installed ?

    I do not have any license: Open-source Qt. Works fine if opening examples, but not Qt Creator .pro files.

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    Are you first starting Qt Creator and then the project or do you double click on the .pro file ?

    Also, which version of Qt Creator are you running ?
    How did you install your setup ?

  • @eliezedeck
    If you are on Linux
    I used to have 2 Qt builds in one Ubuntu OS. One for root, one for main user (I know, I was so noob). And for root, It was giving the same license error for the starting of Qt Creator. If there are two builds of Qt, try to execute Qt Creator with sudo, and try the opposite!

    sudo qtcreator

    If any of both does not work, check if is there a license file in your home folder. If there is, try to remove it (with a backup) and run again!

    ls -a   //check if is .qt-license file here
    mv .qt-license .qt-license.bak
    qtcreator   //or "sudo qtcreator"

    If this does not helps too, try to install Qt Creator with apt commands.

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get install qtcreator
    qtcreator     //or "sudo qtcreator"

    If any of these helps, maybe you have installed the commercial version by a reading mistake as "community version". You should install the "Open Source Version". If so, you should remove everything you have installed, and check the Installation of Qt 5 on Ubuntu topic!

    If you are on Windows
    You can basically just remove everything you have installed, and download it again from here by choosing the version! It should solve your issue completely!
    By using the link, you can basically just remove Qt Creator from your computer, download Qt Creator from the link and configure Qt Creator later. Or you can remove everything including Qt libraries, plugins and stuff. If you so, you should select the "qt" from download list. Not the "qtcreator".

    Direct Links
    qt-creator-opensource-windows-x86_64-4.9.2.exe (Latest version [4.9.2], 168M)
    qt-opensource-windows-x86-5.13.0.exe (Latest version [5.13.0], 3.7G)

    I hope you can solve your issue soon!

  • There seems to be a lot of replies here but none address the point that OP makes, you are trying to use the Community Edition of Design Studio and not Creator, correct?

    The community version of Design Studio should not even require any kind of license afaik, you can skip the license check entirely. I have personally never seen this error message here, so if it is repeatable then it would warrant a bug report. However what is confusing me is that it happened while opening a Creator project ".pro" file. Design Studio is qml only and the project files are .qmlproject so i don't know what would be supposed to happen when opening a Creator Project. Can you answer a few questions? 1. Does Design Studio launch as expected? 2. Do you see the community edition text on the splash screen / welcome page? Can you open and example project / create a new project and then launch the live preview?

    If the answer to those is no then a bug report would be a good idea - https://bugreports.qt.io in the Design Studio Project.



  • Indeed, this is repeatable in the 1.2.0 version of Designer Studio, but only when opening a ".pro" file, opening one of the project's QML file, and then running Live Preview.

    In fact, I have the same exact problem on everything: Windows, Linux and macOS.

    I do not have any .qt-license file in any of these above OSes. I'll post a bug as I suspect this is indeed a bug.

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    @eliezedeck please add a link to the report here so others can follow. Thanks!

  • @eliezedeck Did you create the bug report? I can't see it in the tracker yet.

  • Hello,
    same problem,
    I installed qtdesignstudio via MaintenanceTool (Qt Design Studio 1.5.0-community).

    Do you know how to solve problem?
    Thank you.!!


  • I just stumbled across the same issue and found this still open bug report:

  • I'm having the same issue. I'm trying to evaluate Design Studio (open source) to see if we want to use it for a future project but I cant even get your built in example loading properly.

    When I click on a ui.qml file in any of your examples I get the following in the form editor. (or just a simple blank project)


    Checking the error output file shows there is some issue with the license file.

    I just want to ask to be sure. The "Qt Design Studio - community" version is the open source version? I've looked everywhere else and I can't find a version labeled "open source".

    I have completely uninstalled all QT components, reinstalled most recent without any resolution to this.

    You can build and run just fine. However the "form editor" component is just dead.

    Any thoughts/solutions before I write up my recommendations on DS.


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