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CMAKE AUTOGEN of RCC list causes Error with Permission Denied

  • Hi everyone
    I am compiling a Qt5 programm that contains RESOURCES in the cmake file. however in the cmake process I get a permission denied for this file. The process is run on an Odroid XU4
    All files are owned by my root user, and I run the cmake as sudo.
    Does anyone have an idea about this?


    ----------------------------------------------CONTENT OF QRC>
    <qresource prefix="/default_configuration">

    -- Configuring done
    AUTOGEN: error: Rcc list process for /root/greenhive-cortex/modules/core/default_configuration.qrc failed:

    Permission denied
    -- Generating done

  • I continued researching the problem and even when i remove the resource, i get a permission denied at the "Automatic moc and rcc" step of the make process. so i guess it is not the ressource.
    But still does someone have an idea where mz permission problem could be?

    [ 1%] Automatic moc and rcc for target XXXXXX
    Generating moc_XXXXXX.cpp
    Permission denied
    AUTOGEN: error: process for /home/odroid/Desktop/build/modules/module_XXXXXX/moc_XXXXXX.cpp failed:

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    It seems that you have parts of your stuff in the root folder of your device and parts in a user home folder. You likely have a permission issue here.

    Try moving everything in the user folder.

  • True, sorry for the confusion. I had the same thought that the problem could be me working in the root folder. thus I moved all to the user folder and did the process from there. So in the second result everything is in the user folder.

    i use
    odroid@odroid:~/Downloads/build$ cmake ../xxxxxxx/

    and get
    AUTOGEN: error: Rcc list process for /home/odroid/Downloads/xxxxxxx/modules/core/default_configuration.qrc failed:

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    Did you check that you have the rights correctly set where the file are generated ?

  • I created the "build" folder in the "Download" folder. So it is owned by the user "odroid".
    Since i run cmake from this folder should not all files be generated there? Are there other places that the cmake generates files that i am not aware of?

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    You can have files with different rights anywhere on your system. One thing you can do is nuke that build folder then use chown and chmod on the content of your download folder and ensure that everything belongs to the correct user and with read/write properties.