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iOS appicon and splashscreen settings

  • Hello,

    I've been porting an android app to iOS, so now I am doing final touches, where I have to set the appicon and splashscreen.
    I've read some posts here in the forum and other places, but couldn't make it work. Maybe THIS ONE was the most informative but still don't know how to do it correctly. I've tried to manually put my icons directly in Xcode and directly in the following directory:
    "project_folder/OUT_PWD/proj_name/Images.xcassests/Appicon.appiconset", but without success.

    Can someone post a properly configured .pro, Info.plist and something else if needed? Thanks!

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    hi @krokstr

    recently I had a rather extensive thread with @tomy about this:

    read through that, maybe it's enough information to get you rolling. If not I'm sure to help, if I can.

  • Okay, now it works! Made few changes in .pro file and Xcode.

    I've copied Info.plist file into my project folder, then changed .pro to this:

    QMAKE_INFO_PLIST = Info.plist
    meta.files = $$files($$PWD/meta/*)
    meta.files = $$files($$PWD/meta/*.xcassets)
    QMAKE_ASSET_CATALOGS += /Users/user/workspace/build-project........-Debug/projectName/Images.xcassests/Appicon.appiconset
    ios_icon.files = $$files($$PWD/ios/Icon*.png)
    QMAKE_BUNDLE_DATA += ios_icon

    Not sure if everything is needed, will check it later but it's working that way.

    Next I have all the different size icons in AppIcon.appiconset folder. After that added the following to Info.plist:


    Now added the Images.xcassets to the project in Xcode, so the Xcode can see the assests in Generel->App Icons and Launch Images.

    Thanks for the help @J-Hilk!

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