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How to comply with LGPL on Android

  • Hello. How do we comply with the LGPL on Android? Specifically, how do we satisfy section 4d, the part that allows the user to relink the app with a modified version of Qt?

    Is conveying the apk file sufficient? (I have not been successful in making a valid apk this way).

    If not, I would think conveying the Android Studio gradle project produced by Qt Creator would satisfy the requirement, no?

    I have Googled this topic and not found a definitive answer. I would be interested in hearing from anybody with experience here. Thanks.

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    Warning: I am NOT a lawyer

    That said, and to the best of my knowledge, you have to provide requesters with the object files generated at compilation time so that they can link modified versions of Qt if requested ☺️

  • You can use this app template:
    The user can download the redistributable project, rebuild it and upload it to their own device (using the Android SDK)

    You just need:
    -a web server to store redistributable project and Qt sources
    -an about dialog with all licenses

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