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How to create minimal install on Ubuntu 18.04?

  • I have an Ubuntu 18.04 cloud VM with 2GB RAM and 40GB disk space that I want to run a Qt web server app on that's developed in Windows.

    What are my options re installing enough of Qt to be able to use it.? I only need core, network, xml and sql so far with qmake if I was to build on the server. I see that a full build could use a lot of disk space and possibly run out of memory.

    Please forgive the simple questions, but can I build Qt on WSL and copy the necessary files across? What's the minimal disk space needed to build on the server with headers and qmake etc? What's the best way to do this or is there an ISO lurking out there that I could use (if that's allowed in the LGPL licensing terms)?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi @PaulR,

    you have indeed a couple of possibilities here.

    The least resources on the server are needed, if you develop and compile on your own machine. If you don't have Linux yet, you can set up a virtual machine. The VM has enough resources to run your program.

    If you want to compile on the VM, you should stick to pre-compiled Qt and only build your app. That should be no problem, too.

    I guess the least disk space is used if you install Qt by the package manager then, because you can skip all packages you don't need.

    The last option is to install Qt by the online installer. My installation here (Qt 5.12.0) takes approx. 2 GB hard disk, and includes full documentation and Qt Creator. Mind you, that you still need the compiler and tools from Ubuntu (built-essential), so a bit more disk space should be needed.


  • @aha_1980 Thanks, that's very informative and 2GB of disk space is sounds fine, my full Windows 5.10.1 dir is nearly 10GB. I've already installed build-essentials and a couple of other things, so it's just Qt now.

    I tried the final option by installing with wget but it wanted libfontconfig and now needs the library for but I'd rather not install the graphics deps.

    How would I install pre-built binaries and dev headers via the command line?

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    Use apt-get, then you'll have your distribution provided Qt.

  • @SGaist Ah okay cheers, I installed qt5-default for now which has got me started.

    Thanks to you both!

  • @PaulR
    I don't do any "Qt web server app", so I don't know if that has any special requirements, but just to say I do all my Qt install stuff just from the release version for Ubuntu 18.04 via apt-get (including apt-get qt5-default, plus any extras I then find I need) and never do any source/compiling. Simplez :)