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Remote Debugging using QT on ARM

  • Hello,

    I am working on a arm device am3517evm, OS type: Embedded linux. So, after cross-compiling the application runs on the device.
    Remote debugging is possible using command line gdb and gdb-server & it is also possible with eclipse incubation.

    Like from QtCreator->Tools->options; the way we can add Device[Maemo5/Harmattan/Meego] with either an emulator or a hardware device.
    Isn't there a way to add Arm device with embedded linux running on it?
    So, that I will able to remotely debug using the standalone QT only. [instead of any third-party help or orthodox terminal debugging]


  • We are working on getting generic linux devices supported by Qt Creator. IIRC version 2.3 introduced the generic remote linux support, but the upcoming 2.4 will have way better support. You might want to test the master branch for that.

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