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QMediaPlayer not resuming after pause

  • Hi,

    I am struggling with this for quite a while and I think I have narrowed down the issue to the function

    void AudioPlayer::play(){

    where player is a QMediaPlayer. I need to pause an mp3 or other audio format several times. Once in a while the player does not resume to play but will if the function is called again. The media player status changes to 1 (is playing) but there is no output. When the player starts again it picks up where it was paused. So it is not like my device is muted or so.

    The function is exposed to QML and the entire thing is used in a mobile app for Sailfish. So I am not entirely sure there the problem is. Is it a bug with QMediaPlayer or is it a problem with Sailfish OS?
    Is there a way to find out?

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    I would check with the Sailfish folks since it might be related to the backend.

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