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Online installer (ABI and Autodetect problems)

  • I am working on Linux (SuSe Tumbleweed and Manjaro). I experimented with Qt 5.12 based on the qt git repository and after compiling all libraries half a day I could create desktop plattform applications successfully (all kindes, widgets, qtquick, controls2 etc. . . ). Now I wanted to do some crossplattform development (including web assembly) and thought it would be easier to use the Qt installer for this purpose. Also I decided for qt 5.13 because the 5.12 installer does not include web assembly Kit's.

    First I tried to install the qt development environment on different machines with the offline installer. But the offline installer is unusable, how should I know which repositories to configure? The online installer does it automatically and correctly.

    The online installer installed QtCreator with all toolchains, desktop, android and wasm_32. With this I can create applications for the desktop and android devices but not for web assembly. The ABI detected in the Qt-Version for web assembly as unknown-unknown-unknown-unknown-unknown. Both the selected compiler and the qmake executable are from the installer, hence I cannot imagine where the ABI incompatibility originates.

    The next problem I have (after experimenting fearlessly with the configurations) is resetting QtCreator configuration as after the installer. I cannot find any solution for that other than the impractical one of deleting everything and repeating the 8 GiB download. Deleting ~/.config/QtProject and ~/local/share/QtProject will reset QtCreator but then only recognize the platforms installed on the system, not the local ones installed by the offline installer.

    Any hints on the mentioned ABI incompatibility and QtCreator configuration reset (or how-to force autodetect Qt Versions and Kits in the local install directory, the one the online installer populated)?

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    @Patarick-Fromberg said in Online installer (ABI and Autodetect problems):

    how-to force autodetect Qt Versions and Kits in the local install directory

    You can add your local Qt versions manually under Kits ("Qt Versions/Add...") and then configure Kits using these Qt versions.

    "But the offline installer is unusable, how should I know which repositories to configure?" - not sure what you mean? Since it is an offline installer there is nothing to configure.

  • @jsulm Thanks and sorry that I was unclear regarding my offline installer remarks. After you do an offline install I want to do updates or add other components. That's why the repository list dialogue exists in the offline installer as well - at least I cannot imagine another reason. Only but major inconvenience is that this list is empty. There is probably a trick to copy the list from the online installer to the offline installer - not that I like achieving things via tricks, but if there is no other way.

    Regarding the Kits. Yes I know , I have to install the Qt-Versions first by opening the corresponding ~/Qt/5.13.0/android_x86/bin/qmake. First it will not find a suitable compiler and secondly it is searching for the compiler in the system, not in the local install from the installer.

    Even if adding QtVersions would work always, it would still be nice to be able to call the installation process of the online installer without repeating the downloads. There is probably a trick for that too, but again, it should not be a trick but just something like "Repair installation" or similar.

    I do not believe that I have a problem using QtCreator because I had no problems using my own compiled qt versions from the git repository, but that just takes ages to compile - which is the only reason I am looking at the online installer.

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    @Patrick-Fromberg Agree, it would be good to have the possibility to update after using offline installer to install.
    Regarding compilers: you can configure them as well in QtCreator and then select the correct compiler in your Kits.

  • Hi Patrick. I'm in the same situation. Installation on archlinux using the official qt5.13 online installer. Android and desktop kits are well configured on qtcreator just by using their respectif qmake. However when I choose the one.of webassembly (wasm_32) distributed by qt, qtcreator warns about the ABI, saying that it is not defined. Its value is unknown-unknown-unknown-.....

    I compiled a simple qt project using wasm_32 kit but link fails with the following error main.o: architecture machine must be wasm32.

    Any help?