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Signal connected to Script, how to disconnect?

  • I have a signal which is connected to a script, this works great. The question I have is, how do I disconnect the signal from the script?

    At present when I click on a button it connects the script again, but result is the script is actioned as many times as the connection is made.

    What I ideally want to do is disconnect the signal and script before reconnecting.

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    Might be a silly question but why not connect only once ?

  • @SGaist, yes, that's an option, but I also want to be able to disconnect as an option.


    Is shows disconnect as a call for QObject. I think we use that in our own codebase too.

  • @fcarney , thank you, actually I think I've found a solution, its much easier than I first thought. QObject::connect returns a QMetaObject::Connection, this can be tested for a connection before reconnecting.

    [Edit] I modified my code, adding a member variable to the class 'QMetaObject::Connection mSignalConn' then in the function before I connect:

                if ( mSignalConn != nullptr ) {

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