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How to remove Qt 4.7 libraries for embedded linux from PC? (Linux)

  • Hello, everyone. Tried to install qt 4.7 libraries on my PC(OS is Debian 6) by installing QT for embedded linux. It doesn't work. How can I remove it correctly?

    There is no instructions how to uninstall in "" tar.gz archive. There is no any clue on it in this forum or FAQ. Also I didn't find any solving of this problem in the Net. Can you help? Thanks for an attention.

  • What did you do with the tar.gz?

  • This is the link for the installer, as I see. As I know the Qt libraries when Qt-everywhere is installed are all in the same place under some /home/<user> folder. Then I had also some situations where I was running several different Qt versions on the same machine. As I know to be compiled Qt needs some generic components installed at system level i.e. gnu g++ and others but these are not to be installed / uninstalled in a strict way related to the Qt SDK itself. Then, if you have created a standard Qt everywhere installation I think that you can remove your libraries only.

    There are some cases (documented in this forum and in the wiki) that components are / can be installed in the /opt/usr folder: it is the case when you compile the Qt libraries but this is clearly identificable because the build and libraries are always included in Qt-etc... folder names. You find - depending by your version of Qt-Everywhere SDK - the info on where the library compilation will install the build and objects in the various readme and doc files included as part of the SDK tar itself. BTW there is the option to compile the libraries in some linux system folder (i.e. /opt/usr/Qt-Intel etc.) of compiling all in folders and subfolders of your Qt-SDK installation in /home/user folder.

  • Did you try to do

    @make uninstall@


  • After running ./configure , you'd be notified where Qt would be installed before running gmake (or make)

    Another hint: check the .qmake.cache file (in your source directory) it should point to where your Qt libraries will be installed under "QMAKE_RPATHDIR"

    Usually it's somewhere under /usr/local/Trolltech/

    From there, you can remove the qt-version directories you've just built

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