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Boot to Qt and Xenomai ?

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to customize the Boot to Qt system to add the Xenomai features?

    My problem is that I have an application working on Vxworks with a very old graphical environment and real time constrains (< 1ms). Now I have to replace the old GUI by a new one, using Qt, but keeping the existing real time functions. The low layers of my application work fine on linux with Xenomai.
    My goal is to have the GUI (Qt/Qml) running in the main process connected with a second process, executed on a second core, using Xenomai to execute the low layres of my application with its real time constrains.

    Is-it possible to do that with Qt for device creation and Boot to Qt?


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    Boot2Qt being a commercial product, you should contact the Qt Company directly.

    Note that there's also Qt Functional Safety that might be of interest.

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