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Qt Buttons: How to give button properties to an image.

  • Hello,

    I intend to give button properties like clicked, released etc to some images so it behaves like buttons.
    I see many types of button widgets. Could you please help in suggestion if there's any specific widget which i can link to my images to have button properties.?
    Also, can it be done in both qml and c++?

    Thanks in advance.

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    hi @Ronak5

    yes there is, for qml and widgets, for both cases there are multiple ways to do it.

    I'll list the easiest method for both

    QML: Make your own Item/QMl File containing an Image and a MouseArea object -> done
    QWidget: Subclass QLabel, and overrite mouse events -> implement logic for when to emit clicked, released and pressed.
    Even so its far from perfect, the wiki article should help:

  • @J.Hilk Thanks a lot mate. That is very precise and helpful.

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