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Beginner's questions on QMLBook Tutorial

  • I am just getting started with Qt and am going through the QMLBook tutorial at I am running into a few issues and just wanted to find out if this is the appropriate forum to post newbie-type questions based on that tutorial. They don't appear to have their own forum, at least not that I have been able to find.


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    Hi and welcome @cjcnh

    since this is the QML and Qt Quick sub forum, any questions related to QML and QtQuick should and can be asked here.

    If you have issues and questions, than where your code is coming from plays a secondary role, if any at all :-)

    There are some QML-expert active in this forum as well, so chances are, that you get an answer to questions of the inner workings of QML too.

    But since it's an user based forum, you may as well not get an answer at all. So keep that in mind ;-)

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    No problem asking questions here, you wouldn't be the first one.

  • Thanks, @J-Hilk and @SGaist for your replies. I will mark this one as "resolved" soon as I figure out how to do that :-) and will post my questions as new posts.

    I'm finding Qt very interesting and greatly appreciate having this forum here.

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    You're welcome !

    You can do that with the "Topic Tool" button :)

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