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Emitting signals from std::thread

  • I have a class A, (which cannot be modified) that accepts a callback which gets called at certain intervals. In order to update the GUI, I register a lambda which emits a signal as my callback. The callback itself runs on a separate thread (std::thread managed by class A). While I can clearly see that the lambda gets called periodically, the slot attached to the emitted signal never gets invoked. What am I doing wrong?

    I do not see any errors in console and the slot/signal hookup is done in GUI thread and I have verified that the connect call successfully connects the signal and slot.

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    Can you show the code you use for signal and slots handling ?

  • My guess is that you are blocking the event loop in the thread where the slot should run. do you have an infinite loop running around?

  • As it turns out, a user defined enum class was being emitted as signal. This type needs to be registered. The strange thing was no errors in console however. It is working as intended now.

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