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How to pass an Android class back to C++

  • I have managed to get callbacks to C++ with this help
    This is using a simple int therefore it is not very challenging.

    With some java lines I am even able to pass back an object array. The object array is generated from a java callback object. However, when getting a java callback object what do I have to do in order to put into a callback to C++ and access it under C++?

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    @koahnig said in How to pass an Android class back to C++:

    what do I have to do in order to put into a callback to C++ and access it under C++?

    what exactly do you mean with "put into a callback to C++"?

    If i understood you correct, you want to pass a JAVA object to C++ an call a method on it, right?

    // JNI signature: "(Ljava/lang/Object;)V" - also could be "(Lmy/custom/Class;)V"
    void fibonaciResult(JNIEnv */*env*/, jobject /*obj*/, jobject param)
        QAndroidJniObject callbackObj( param );
        callbackObj.callMethod( ... );

  • hi @koahnig

    may be this two post will be helpful....

      1st post is for calling a java function from cpp (Cpp to java)
      2nd is for broadcasting (observer pattern).(java to cpp)

  • @raven-worx @ashajg

    Thanks guys. I guess the problem sits between keyboard and chair. :(
    It is the lack of enough understanding of java and the interface to cpp.

    I have managed to get within java callbacks of location module. The callback can be read for basic pieces int, long, double and stuff. I am able to read and send those through a callback to C++, where I am more comfortable with. I am also able to create an array of objects in java and pass this C++.

    I am digging deeper with the information you provided. Thanks for the leads.

  • The callMethod is working. I missed the forest for the trees.

    There is one remaining issue for a byte array.
    This is the Android description:

    That is my implementation where the compiler is complaining

        jbyteArray byteArray = nObject.callMethod<jbyteArray>("getData", "()[B"); error: undefined reference to '_jbyteArray* QAndroidJniObject::callMethod<_jbyteArray*>(char const*, char const*, ...) const'

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    QAndroidJniObject arrObj = nObject.callObjectMethod<jbyteArray>("getData", "()[B");
    jbyteArray arr = arrObj.object<jbyteArray>()

    (jbyteArray is of type jarray, which is of type jobject)