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Who can fix problems with bug-reporter user accounts?

  • Hi all.

    I'd like to log into the bug reporter, but it's complaining that my user ID is already in use... but it's in use by ME. I don't know where to go to get this resolved.

    Any insights appreciated. Thanks!

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    @Stokestack Where/how exactly do you try to log-in? It sounds more like you're trying to create a new account.

  • @jsulm Thanks for the reply.

    It is prompting me to create a new account, but I already have one. The problem is that, perplexingly, there's no way to log in with your user ID, and I can't figure out what E-mail address I would have used. Nor is there a "reset password" function that takes a user ID and sends a link to the E-mail address associated with it.

    If I search the bug database for my desired ID (the one I'm using in this forum) as Creator, sure enough it comes up with my name.

    So I need someone with administrator access who can clean this up.

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    @Stokestack This is the bug tracker page:
    In the upper right corner there is "Log In" link.
    If you click there you will be forwarded to this page where you can log-in or click on "Forgot password?" to reset password:

  • @jsulm Thanks, but that "reset password" page just repeats the problem: It demands an E-mail address. I don't know which address I used, and the ones I've tried don't work; I need to log in or request a password reset with my user ID (which is how password recovery typically works).

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    @Stokestack Sorry, but how would password reset work without EMail address? To where should the temporary password be sent? If you don't remember which EMail you used then I would say it is you're fault.
    "which is how password recovery typically works" - no it is not. When resetting password temporary password is typically sent to the EMail address associated with the account.

  • @jsulm said in Who can fix problems with bug-reporter user accounts?:

    When resetting password temporary password is typically sent to the EMail address associated with the account.

    EXACTLY. So I should enter my user ID and request a password reset. The system should then send a reset message to the E-mail address associated with that user ID. That is indeed how it works on properly set-up sites.

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    @Stokestack No. When resetting my passwords I always had to enter my EMail address manually (I'm talking about other sites), not the user name. But I guess this discussion will not lead to any results. If you think it should be the way you say you can contact Qt Company (which manages the infrastructure) and suggest to do it this way.

  • @jsulm Well, you are frequenting a lot of amateur-hour sites that have implemented an ignorant and insecure policy then.

    E-mail addresses are rampant across spammers' databases, not to mention that they change over time and create this exact problem we're discussing. And, the general population (not us) is likely to think they have to use their E-mail password on sites that require their E-mail address. Thus, if any of those sites is hacked or compromised by a disgruntled employee... the user's E-mail account is now freely accessible and his identity is stolen.

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    @Stokestack You should not judge what pages I visit from this discussion.
    Also you should tell Facebook (one example) that they are amateurs since you need your EMail or phone number to reset your password there. Some sites do this like you suggest (like Twitter) some do not. So, I really would not say it is amateurish and insecure.
    "compromised by a disgruntled employee" - this should not be possible even for employees if implemented properly as passwords are not stored as such on these sites (only hashes).

  • @jsulm Facebook lets you log in with a user ID... although they obscure that option.

    Find a bank, credit-card company, or brokerage house that forces you to use an E-mail address as your ID. None of the seven that I use implements that poor policy.

    Not even my car-insurance provider does. It's just dumb.

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    @Stokestack I'm not talking about EMail as user ID. I'm only talking about usage of EMail for password reset. But as I said this is useless discussion.
    You can contact QtCompany and ask them whether they can reset your password based on your user name and whether they can implement password reset based on user name.

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