Error on build with Static Qt 5.9.0

  • Using ubuntu 18.04LTS
    Static qt5.9.0
    create a simple ui program and build with static Qt 5.9.0
    build error********************************
    14:46:39: Running steps for project CHECK_static...
    14:46:39: Starting: "/home/Data/Qt_Static/bin/qmake" /home/Data/CHECK_static/ -spec linux-g++ CONFIG+=debug CONFIG+=qml_debug -o /home/Data/LOG.txt
    14:46:39: The process "/home/Data/Qt_Static/bin/qmake" exited normally.
    14:46:39: Starting: "/usr/bin/make" qmake_all
    make: Nothing to be done for 'qmake_all'.
    14:46:39: The process "/usr/bin/make" exited normally.
    14:46:39: Starting: "/usr/bin/make"
    g++ -o CHECK_static main.o mainwindow.o check_static_plugin_import.o moc_mainwindow.o -L/home/Data/Qt_Static/plugins/platforms -lqwayland-egl -L/home/Data/Qt_Static/lib -L/usr/local/lib -lwayland-egl -lqwayland-generic -lqwayland-xcomposite-egl -lqwayland-xcomposite-glx -lQt5WaylandClient -lXcomposite -lwayland-client -lwayland-cursor -lqxcb -L/home/Data/Qt_Static/plugins/xcbglintegrations -lqxcb-egl-integration -lqxcb-glx-integration -lQt5XcbQpa -lxcb-xinerama -lQt5LinuxAccessibilitySupport -lQt5AccessibilitySupport -lQt5GlxSupport -lxcb-xkb -lxcb-sync -lxcb-xfixes -lxcb-randr -lxcb-image -lxcb-shm -lxcb-keysyms -lxcb-icccm -lxcb-shape -lxcb-glx -lXi -lSM -lICE -lxcb-render-util -lxcb-render -lxkbcommon-x11 -L/home/Data/Qt_Static/plugins/imageformats -lqgif -lqicns -lqico -lqtga -lqtiff -ltiff -lqwbmp -lqwebp -L/home/Data/Qt_Static/plugins/egldeviceintegrations -lqeglfs-emu-integration -lqeglfs-kms-egldevice-integration -lQt5EglFsKmsSupport -lQt5KmsSupport -ldrm -lqeglfs-x11-integration -lQt5EglFSDeviceIntegration -lQt5EventDispatcherSupport -lQt5ServiceSupport -lQt5ThemeSupport -lQt5DBus -ldbus-1 -lQt5FontDatabaseSupport -lqtfreetype -lQt5FbSupport -lQt5EglSupport -lXext -lQt5InputSupport -lmtdev -linput -lxkbcommon -lQt5PlatformCompositorSupport -lQt5DeviceDiscoverySupport -ludev -lxcb -lX11 -lX11-xcb -lEGL -lQt5Widgets -lQt5Gui -lqtlibpng -lharfbuzz -lQt5Core -licui18n -licuuc -licudata -lm -lrt -lqtpcre2 -ldl -lgthread-2.0 -lglib-2.0 -lGL -lpthread
    /usr/bin/ld: /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/7/../../../x86_64-linux-gnu/ undefined reference to symbol 'inflateEnd'
    //usr/local/lib/ error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line
    collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
    Makefile:333: recipe for target 'CHECK_static' failed
    make: *** [CHECK_static] Error 1
    14:46:42: The process "/usr/bin/make" exited with code 2.
    Error while building/deploying project CHECK_static (kit: QT 5.9.0 Static)
    When executing step "Make"
    14:46:42: Elapsed time: 00:03.

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    Is it me or do you have a custom libz installed on your system ?

  • solved by ./configure with -qt-zlib option.

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