QtCreator complains that "Android SDK is missing necessary packages," does nothing.

  • Everything else under Devices/Android is checked off as being OK. The one red X is "Platform SDK installed." But the platform SDK is installed. I installed Android Studio and the NDK.

    Every time I visit this page, I get a dialog saying ,"Android SDK installation is missing necessary packages. Do you want to install the missing packages?"

    And then I choose Yes. And nothing happens.

    Anybody know how to resolve this?


  • @Stokestack

    What OS are you on?

    Best is to post a screen shot.
    Also look out for special signs when you receive such messages. Qt creator typically tells where the issue is. Hovering with mouse above the signs give also some hints on how to resolve.

  • Hi. Thanks for your answer. I'm on Mac OS (latest, Mojave).

    I don't see anything to hover over that provides any more info. Here's a screen shot:

    0_1548971647657_QtAndroidSetup.png image url)

  • @Stokestack

    I do not know about Mac, but on windows it looks like this
    0_1549007225914_0d5a4f7a-ef90-4b9e-aca8-d8a182e6ea74-image.png 0_1549006894585_b0866f0c-ff42-4a98-b996-532c34d22018-image.png

    There is the cmake folder in addition. I gugess that is not required. On windows I have a couple of different folders under build-tools. These folders seem to indicate the SDK version numbers.
    IIRC I had to install an SDK when starting the Android suite the first time. Some of those versions I had added lateron.

  • Moderators

    from the screenshot I would say the sdk folder is indeed missing, it should look like this

    My SDK installation comes from the link QtCreator provides, when you click on the button right of the choose button, the one with the green arrow.

  • Thanks for the replies, guys.

    Android Studio shows that the SDK is installed:

    0_1549068804953_Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 4.50.18 PM.png

  • @Stokestack

    In case you still have issues, it could be better to install an older SDK version. You want to check if there is already a bug report on JIRA.. Possibly your Qt creator version is not yet compatible with the latest Android SDK. So far in the past it was always better to stay with older SDK versions, see also http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/android-getting-started.html

  • @koahnig Thanks for the info. I will try that.

  • Well, I installed the previous Android SDK version as well, and Qt still claims that it's not installed. This despite still showing that all the other Android stuff is installed.

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