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Initialize QOpenGLWidget without showing ?

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    I'm struggling with the openGLWidget. Essentially the widget only gets initialized when it is "shown". But that process for me is too late as I'd like to have it initialized before showing with all the data that I want to display.

    The current workflow is to initializeGL, which sets context/passes it to sceneManager class which then loads default nodes in to the context. But that can only happen when show() is called on the widget because that is linked to how the initializeGL is being called in 1st place.

    So how can I work around it if possible to initialize the widget before showing it?


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    What would be needed to be initialised exactly ?

  • Context &openGLFunctions I think so that they can be pre-loaded with data before showing up on window.

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    What kind of data are these ?

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