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Delay while using QTcpSocket.

  • i have a TCP Server running on "Visual Studio" using "WinSock2" lib and client running on "Qt Creator" using "QTcpSocket" lib.
    and i have 2 fixed structs, one goes from the server to the client and the other from the client to the server.
    The problem is im having a ~= 1 Sec delay when i send a packet from the server "Visual Studio" to the client "Qt" ( everything works just fine when i send packets from the client to the server)
    i have tested the server with another small client Qt project (with the same QTcpSocket class files i used before ) it works just fine.
    but when i implement it with my Project, i get the 1 sec delay.

    so anyone can tell why i get that delay or how to find its reason in my code (using a debugging tool or something)
    Note: Both the Client Class and the GUI runs in the same thread. could it be the reason why i get these delay ?

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    It is surprised. Either sending is the delay or receiving is the delay. Packet trace should be able to help you. Also you can try with both client & server in VC , both using Qt. In both the case, it will use WinSock2 only.

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    @AmrMaatouk You should show how you're sending data

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