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QJsonObject.insert("long-name") creates truncated key. How can I get around this?

  • I have a QJsonObject that already has a key


    I use the following statement to replace the value connected to that key:

    obj.insert("data-source-storages", dataSourceStorages);

    After this statement has executed the debugger shows that the QJsonObject now has a key with the truncated name


    instead of


    Why is this happening? How can I replace a value without clipping the key?

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    Sounds like a bug. Which Qt version are you using? What operating system? Can you try some other long string - is behaviour the same?

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    @pokemonsrqt I doubt the key is really truncated, I guess it is simply the dubugger showing it this way for some reason.
    Did you try to print out the Json string?

  • I'm using macOS 10.13.6, Qt Creator 4.7.2 and Qt 5.11.2.

    The application works, so it seems that it is only the debugger showing the wrong value as @jsulm figured. I won't pursue this issue any further.

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