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RTSP H264 on Android device

  • Hi Forum,
    I'm trying to play an embedded H264 video on an Android 8 device. The small player works on a Win10 PC/mingw/KLite codecs, but on Android the screen stays completely black (with QML). I read that there were problems with codecs on android. The final objective is to get the H264 flow through RTSP. I tried to rebuild the QtAV (v 1.12.0) project but there is a problem with the "MOVE" function (process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, move "..\lib_android_ ", ...) failed.) which prevents regeneration. I did not try libvlc. If you have suggestion, differents ways to explore, I am greatly interested.
    Env: Win10/Android 8.1.0/NDK r10e/gcc/Qt5.11. I tried QtAV with 5.12/clang but there are error to compile stage with math lib.

    Thanks for your help & suggestions.

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