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Unable to use Data Breakpoints

  • I'm trying to remote debug a UI application running on a Yocto based embedded Linux device. My program seems to have a segfault that almost arbitrarily occurs when interacting with certain UI elements. I've narrowed the problem down to a corrupt pointer to an object and I am trying to set a data breakpoint on that object. When ever I right click on the object in the debug viewer and select any of the three options ("Add Data Breakpoint At Object Address/Pointer Address/Expression") the breakpoint appears in the breakpoint list but whenever I try to continue execution A window titled "Executable Failed" pops up that says "Command Aborted.". Whenever I try manually adding the breakpoint by right clicking on the breakpoint pane and adding data break point by address Nothing appears on the breakpoint list and the breakpoint is never generated. Has anyone ever experienced this or does anyone know what might be happening? Thanks