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QT5, eglfs no DRM device found

  • I have built a QT application with a QMainWindow using CLION. CLION compiles it on a Raspberry PI. The PI is not running a desktop, but only the console part.

    I can start the application using ./appname -platform linuxfb. Everything is fine.
    I also can also start the application using startx ./appname. Everything is fine.
    When i try to start the application using ./appname -platform eglfs, a message
    like "no DRM device found" appears and the application does not start at all.

    I tried to find help reading 1 million thing on internet, but non is talking about this problem. Can please somebody tell me what to do in order to have access to eglfs.

    Very many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    Do you have Qt's EGLFS platform plugin compiled and working? Do you have OpenGL drivers installed via raspi-config?

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