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  • Hi, i am still working on porting my app to api 26 per the new requirements for android 8, now i read that in 2019 apps have to be 64 bit. I use QT 5.10.1 and have android gcc for 64 bit in my kits. Is this enough to provide 64 bit android apps? Thank you.

  • @JeanCremers

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    No you have to ensure that everything is supported within your tool chain.

    In Qt creator you should go to "Tools"->"Options"->"Kits" and check under the different tabs.

    For example these are the different versions I have installed

    By clicking on more details you can find the different tools involved, like:

    Similar you can sheck for the complete kit and also compiler and debuggers and stuff. If there special signs this is indicating a real problem or sometimes a warning to make you aware.

    The Version Qt 5.12.0 for arm is the pre-compiled version supplied through online installer. This is not 64 bit.

    When you require a different compiler such as 64 bit you would need to do a full configure and and build of the Qt libs on your own.

  • @koahnig So there's config and rebuild needed. Thank you very much for the helpful reply.


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