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How can i get y value from a plotted QCustomPlot?

  • Hi,

    My data is already plotted on:


    And now i need to read this data (256 "y" values), sum each value ( from this y axis) and write a new file with this this code:

    for(int i=0; i<257; ++i)
    //Here I want to create a new double ("new_y") variable to receive the y value indexed by "i"  (in this case my "x" axis)
            double r =  QRandomGenerator::global()->bounded(-100,100);
            df<< QString("%1").arg(i) + "," + QString("%1").arg(new_y+(r/10));
            df <<"\n";
            qDebug() << r;
    //from this point on, i know what I  must have to do.


  • Hi,
    Someone could help me, please!!!

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    Actually QCustomPlot is not part of Qt and have its own support forum.

    We would tell you if we knew but so far no user seems to know the answer here.

  • Ok. Thanks.

  • @mrjj I solved the problem and I will post here just in case someone needs:


        for (int i=0;i<256;++i){
         double lastKey = (ui->customPlot_1->graph(0)->data()->at(i)->key);
         double lastValue = (ui->customPlot_1->graph(0)->data()->at(i)->value);
         qDebug () << "X:" << i << lastKey;
         qDebug () << "Y:" << i << lastValue;

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    You can improve your access to the data using:

    auto plotData = ui->customPlot_1->graph(0)->data();
    for (int i = 0 ; i < plotData->size() ; ++i) {
         double lastKey = plotData->at(i)->key;
         double lastValue = plotData->at(i)->value);
         qDebug () << "X:" << i << lastKey;
         qDebug () << "Y:" << i << lastValue;

    Or use iterators.

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