Qt doesn't work properly on Debian

  • After installing the software and adding the "sudo apt-get install qtcreator", Qt doesn't work and gives plenty of errors on the default widget application (a simple window).

    However, I think it is due to the fact that I can't install "sudo apt-get install build-essential libgl1-mesa-dev" since it gives me this error:

    alt text

    On Windows it works on the first try, but I need to code it on Linux since I can't use the .exe file on Linux.

    //Forgot to add. An example of errors that I get on Linux but not on Windows:

    alt text

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    You should ask in a debian forum why the packages do not match. We can't do anything here since we don't know what / how debian packages Qt.

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    From the looks of it, you have broken dependencies which are not related to Qt at all. As @Christian-Ehrlicher suggested you should check with the Debian folks.

    You can start by search why you have libdrm-dev blocking. Maybe start by uninstalling it before re-trying to install libgl1-mesa-dev.

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    Qt works perfectly fine on every debian flavor I've tried, which is basically everything up to testing (currently "buster", but I'm pretty sure it works on "sid" as well). Now your package manager is complaining, probably it was interrupted and it was left with a corrupted state. Run $> apt-get install -f to attempt automatic fixing. If that doesn't work you should ask either on the debian forums/mailing lists or search around the internet. This is not (currently) a Qt issue, your system is in an inconsistent state.

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