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QZXing on Android and IOS

  • Hello, I have a quite weird problem with 3rd part libraries on IOS please look at the code below

    Camera {
            id: camera
            focus {
                      focusMode: Camera.FocusContinuous
                      focusPointMode: Camera.FocusPointCenter
        VideoOutput {
            id: videsOut
            source: camera
            width: parent.width
            height: parent.height
            scale: 1.9
            rotation: 90
            filters: [ qrScanner ]
        QZXingFilter {
            id: qrScanner
            property string qrResult: ""
            decoder {
                onTagFound: {
                    console.log("Why me" + tag);
                    qrResult = tag

    On Android and Ubuntu machine everything works fine, but when i run the same code on IOS, signal tagFound() called two times.

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    You have to add more information:

    • What version of Qt ?
    • What version of iOS ?
    • What version of QZXing ?
    • How did you build QZxing ?

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