My QSqlTableModel displaying userid as 1 for all Rows

  •  QSqlRecord record = this->record();
                qDebug() << user_id <<user_name;
                record.setValue("user_name", user_name);
                record.setValue("users_ids", user_id);
                record.setValue("user_type", user_type);
                record.setValue("create_datetime", create_datetime);
                record.setValue("msg_satus", msg_satus);
                record.setValue("friend_request", friend_request);
                record.setValue("post_status", post_status);
                if(this->insertRecord(-1, record)){
                    qDebug()<<"successful insertion";

    My Qml Code is following

     SimpleRow {
            image.radius: image.height
            image.fillMode: Image.PreserveAspectCrop
            autoSizeImage: true
            text: user_name.toString();
            detailText: users_ids.toString();
            style.showDisclosure: false
            imageMaxSize: dp(48)
            detailTextItem.maximumLineCount: 3
            detailTextItem.elide: Text.ElideRight
            onSelected : {
                globalNavStack.popAllExceptFirstAndPush(detailPageComponent, {
                                                            person: text,
                                                            newMsgs: [{me: true, text: detailText}]

    in place of user id it displaying name as what i passed and userid as 1. but i am passing userid as someid. But same related code displaying the content what i am passing.

    Can any one help me out of this.

  • Yah i got solution for this. i.e arranging roles in order how database tables are. Thank you.

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