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QT Installer framework. Exclude components.

  • Hello, I use QT installer framework for multi-component installer creation. But i can't find any possibilities to make one component select to automatically deselect another component in Component Selection Page. I think this essential feature for any installer. However, i can't find anything similar in qt installer framework documentation or somewhere else.

  • @Ratzz
    Thank you for answer. But, I'm not. I mean that if I have two components A and B and select A to install than after i select B A will be deselected automatically.

  • @datasoma
    U can do the same with the logic applied with the example mentioned.

  • @Ratzz
    Can you be more specific, please? The logic of example is totally different. It's about including components. I need exclude components. Not default value, not component install when it have auto-dependency or another have dependency. Not force installation. And framework doesn't tell sth about logical operations.
    If auto-dependency is about "We define an automatic dependency for Component D on Component A and Component B. Thus, if Component A and Component B are both marked for installation, Component D is automatically installed as well." Than what I mean is something like: We define an automatic (EXCLUDE) dependency for Component D on Component A OR Component B. Thus, if Component A OR Component B OR both are marked for installation, Component D is automatically NOT installed as well. And there are no any words about how to make it.

  • @datasoma said in QT Installer framework. Exclude components.:

    If auto-dependency is about

    The AutoDependOn element in package component tells that

    .............................. If the component was already installed, it will be selected for uninstallation when at least one of the components from this list is also selected for uninstallation

    Lets say component A depends on B . Installing A must uninstall B .
    1) If B is not installed at all then direct installation of A.
    2)If B is already installed setting AutoDependOn to component B will uninstall B on installing A.
    Never tested though. I feel should work

  • @Ratzz
    Unfortunately not. The main sense is it component should be already installed. Moreover, it work when another component uninstalling too. But i don't wan't to uninstall anything. I want custom component selecting for installation. And after that installation go on.0_1545988633532_example.png

  • @datasoma
    tried a bit but could not find the way to achieve it.

  • @Ratzz
    Same. Tried to do it with script, but can't find any useful methods of function execute when some checkbox checked. Unfortunately, don't know qt for make it myself.

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    I haven't used the Installer Framework yet but what you are describing is rather a radio button style of interaction like shown in the Dynamic Page Installer Example.

    Hope it helps

  • @SGaist
    Hello, thank you for your answer. But it's not. I have read all installer framework documentation and found nothing. And there is not a radio button, because it can be the third component C that haven't some connection with A and B. Moreover, it can be a set of components that have some subset F that should auto enable A or be enabled by A. And another subset G that can have elements from F, but enable B or be enabled by B. Auto-dependenecy in this case is simply remove all checkboxes(what a shame). Or some elements can be added dynamically to repository, it's online installer. I don't see any necessary of custom UI creation of page that already exist. What i want is some method to interact with checkboxes on Component Selection Page. I know that scripts should be helpful, but doesn't understand how to interact with checkboxes throw it. I try to find some signal but doesn't succeed. It seems that creation of my own online installer will be more quicker than understanding of qt.

    P.S. Please don't send me Dependency Solving Example page, it's not what I needed. It can't work with subsets.
    P.P.S. And I don't want duplicate components without greater need.

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